House in Belashtica

Interior design of a luxury house, combining functionality with an elegant and stylish look with rich textures and fresh tones.

Functional layout

Stylish design, rich textures and high quality of details create this elegant house in Belashtitsa, located on a total area of 273m2. Elegant furnishings, combined with fresh tones, give this home a warm and welcoming aura, and natural light illuminates every corner of its spacious spaces.

Size 273m2
Location Belashtica
Year 2021

Master bedroom

The idea of ​​this elegant bedroom interior design is to create a chic style concept with a touch of modernity. The room is filled with the warm notes of wood, gray and beige. The bed is kept in neutral colors so as not to overpower the elements of the other accents. The paneling is extended along the entire length of the wall, and round pendant lighting fixtures are mounted on both sides. The creative array of accessories lends an adventurous spirit, enhanced by the tangible presence of mirrors throughout the room.

Дизайн на елегантна спалня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София

Walk-in Closet

What is specific about this area is that it has its own bathroom and dressing room, completely decided in gray, with clearly divided storage areas for personal belongings and accessories. A great fusion of modern interior concept with creativity, functionality and balanced layout.

Guest Bedroom

The interior of the guest bedroom is made in the style of modern classics, possessing a unique shine and radiance. The delicate palette gives it an elegant look, making it more relaxing and warm. A notable feature here is the bedroom’s beautiful white marble backsplash, while gold accent stripes give it a unique finish and raise the level of luxury. The hidden lighting is gentle, beautiful and effective. Light velvet curtains and stylish decoration are another addition to the bedroom that gives a sense of sophistication.

Дизайн на елегантна спалня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София