Living room in Lozenets, Sofia

Cozy and comfortable living room, combining kitchen, dining area, TV area and reading area.
чертеж, Вътрешен дизайн на къщи, Архитектурен дизайн

Functional Layout

The idea for this living room was to create a comfortable and cozy space combining a kitchen, dining room, soft seating in front of the TV and a place to relax and read.

Size 35.2m2
Location Sofia
Year 2013

Living room, Kitchen and Dining room

The client’s wish was to create a modern and clean design that retains the warmth of home comfort.
We divided the room into separate corners, thus giving it more functionality. The non-standard shape of the space requires a more non-standard distribution.

дизайн на малка всекидневна, интериорно студио софия, вътрешния дизайн