Hunting hut near Apriltsi, Lovech

Functional layout

This impressive one-story villa with a custom design, which gives the feeling of harmony and tranquility, envelops in greenery and surrounded by forest aesthetics. The main idea of ​​the project is to bring people closer to nature. This was achieved through the use of natural colors and natural materials. The exterior is a beautiful combination of stone and glass, with a spacious courtyard, and the interior is largely made of stone and wood, including the ceiling. The open floor plan on the main level of the villa includes a kitchen, dining room and relaxation area.

Size 200m2
Location Apriltsi
Year 2020


The kitchen is modern, spacious and extremely elegant. The choice of black creates a slightly extravagant atmosphere, highlighted by a beautiful stone wall for the background. At its base is a kitchen island with a bar, where metal and chrome accents, in combination with dark cabinets in walnut tones, break up the monotonous look by adding a touch of glamor and luxury. Equipped with everything you need, it also has a specially designated warehouse for storage and convenience for the hosts.

Зеленина, природа сред дома, дървена стена, камина, Екстериор, Дизайн на хижа
Зеленина, природа сред дома, дървена стена, камина, Екстериор, Дизайн на хижа

Dining room

The dining room of the villa is a real delight. The table is large, designed for 10 people, comfortable armchairs with soft upholstery and a ceiling copper chandelier. A separate bar is positioned on the side, behind which is a wine cellar, bringing a touch of class to the overall design. A wall lined with light stone and with a built-in fireplace was built as an accent of the space. Large panoramic windows provide enough natural light and a beautiful view of nature. Although the interior is modern-looking, wood makes up the majority of the décor, emphasizing the aristocratic spirit and giving a sense of exclusive and secluded atmosphere.

Relax zone

The clean and calm design of the relaxation area gives a comfortable feeling. The décor, although simple, brings character with original shapes – a towering head of a deer and spectacular drawers located on the wall bookcases. The dark walls blend harmoniously with the color shades of the upholstered furniture, creating a balanced and purposeful scheme. The balance between contemporary elements and more classic touches contributes to the cozy and homely feel. This space is perfect for relaxing and interacting.

Зеленина, природа сред дома, дървена стена, камина, Екстериор, Дизайн на хижа


The terrace furniture is a blend of classic elegance and contemporary fresh design. A fireplace has been built, creating such a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, next to which there is a table with 10 seats. In the rest, a stylish and comfortable seating area of ​​two modern chairs is placed around a low wooden table with a marble effect. The way these elements interact with each other and with the landscape is what makes this space so charming and beautiful.


The design of the courtyard is adapted to the sloping terrain, including a seating area, a stone path, a meadow, as well as an extremely rich vegetation. A yard with timeless appeal and gorgeous landscaping that gives it such an open and boundless feel.

Зеленина, природа сред дома, дървена стена, камина, Екстериор, Дизайн на хижа