Apartment in Gotse Delchev, Sofia

Cosy, warm and stylish home interior design of an apartment in the Goce Delchev neighbourhood of Sofia.

Functional Layout

The space is modest, but practically used. Monochromatic and clean solutions, simple vision and beautiful cozy furniture. The apartment is tinted in earthy colors – soft cream and pastel shades of beige. The bright colors undoubtedly give specific freshness and open vision and access to natural light in every part of the living room.

Size 96м2
Location Sofia
Year 2015

Living Room

The living room, dining room and kitchen are separated in a common space, where the light shades form a gentle and warm home atmosphere. The furniture is also designed in light tones, which contrasts perfectly with the dark parquet and the dark kitchen. A specific feature are the double ceilings and the cabinets with an interesting construction. An ethanol fireplace has been built opposite the sofas as a focal point, which creates an excellent place for relaxation and solitude.

interioren dizain, renoviran luksozen apartament, moderni i izchisteni linii
interioren dizain, renoviran luksozen apartament, moderni i izchisteni linii

Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen part is solved entirely in beautiful wooden paneling, which gives an accent, but also perfectly balances with the integrity. Practically arranged with partial details on display and a kitchen island in the middle, providing additional storage space and work area. The dining area is interestingly designed – the dining table is made of wood, merging with the countertop which breaks the classic look, giving it a modern feel. An interesting solution here is the corner by the window, which provides a perfect place for reading or just relaxing, but also complements the comfort of home.