Apartment in Sozopol, Bulgaria

A minimalistic apartment in the city of Sozopol with a specific individuality and a bright contrast.
Апартамент в Созопол

Functional Layout

Design of a three-room apartment offering versatile and unique solutions. It includes a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, a guest bedroom and a guest bathroom, as well as a living room with a kitchen and a dining room, and the main idea in it is minimalism with clean colors, materials and textures. Each room in the apartment has a unique creative approach and bright individuality, and the expressiveness of the interior is added by the game of contrasts.

Size 93m2
Location Sozopol
Year 2022


The living room design not only boasts an aesthetic and peaceful home interior, but also a creative fusion of art and functionality. The interesting architectural plan provides for innovative solutions such as mirrored columns that raise the appeal of the home and create a sense of depth.

Всекидневна в Созопол
Кухня и трапезария

Kitchen and Dining room

To create a feeling of warmth, a modern fireplace is built, which brings a cozy and welcoming spirit. The dining room is located next to the window, where abundant natural light penetrates inside and allows a relaxing view of nature to appear as part of the interior decoration.

Master Bedroom

Bathed in muted shades, this bedroom is toned in brown, graphite gray and beige. Natural materials such as wood are used to create an atmosphere of warmth and harmony. Its decor is shaped with contemporary furniture, wonderfully combined with bright accents.

Дизайн на спалня
Минималистична баня

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom has an understated concept with an interesting modern appeal. The monochromatic design gives it a clean, fresh and elegant look. It looks stylish with the white in the background, while the lines and patterns of the stone stand out, along with its accent pieces. A specific feature here is the shower space, which has been converted into a steam room with a dark mosaic bench. For this purpose, a steam generator is installed in the bedroom, hidden in the plasterboard structure.

Guest Bedroom

An aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that prioritizes function over form. Clean lines, minimalist surfaces and elegant symmetry. The mix of palette and contrasting elements work effectively to distract from the size. Its character of warmth is deepened by the inclusion of natural wood and hidden lighting.

Гостна спалня
Интериор на малка баня

Guest Bathroom

This beautiful small bathroom is amazingly designed. An excellent symbiosis between simple and elegant, and a perfect combination of black and gray. Textures are combined to perfection of contrast. The terrazzo walls and floor add dimension to the space, contrasting perfectly with the accent accessories and black shower wall. A design that immerses you in relaxation.