Apartment in Residential Park, Sofia

Modern and cozy apartment, whose design will remain in time.
dizain na vsekidnevna sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii

Functional Layout

The desire of the clients for this project was for a modern and cozy apartment, whose design will remain in time.

Size 127.6м2
Location Sofia
Year 2014

Living room and Dining room

The living room is divided into three parts – kitchen, dining room and living room. An interesting aspect in the room is the paneling, hiding the doors of the closet and the toilet, making them absolutely discreet and invisible. In the part with the fireplace, it becomes a convenient and fully functional cabinet for storing books, objects, etc. things we are used to seeing on display in many homes. The mechanisms that are used for the individual sections in the cabinet itself allow its optimal use, both for various objects and for the wood that will be used for the fireplace, ready for use and completely hidden inside. The fireplace chamber is partially hidden, which makes it unobtrusive and at the same time extremely stylish. On both sides of it are symmetrically located exhibition niches, illuminated from above. At the back of the paneling, in the part with the corridor, it is designed as a hidden wardrobe with open elements for everyday coats and bags.

dizain na vsekidnevna sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii
dizain na vsekidnevna sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii


The kitchen is built-in. The refrigerator is hidden and completely invisible to the eye. The kitchen island, although free-standing, appears as its continuation, enlarging its working surface many times, also used as a bar for snacks, drinks and more. Another interesting aspect of the room is the ceiling. It does not reach the walls with windows and thus hides the edge of the curtains, while the hidden light from its edges scatters interesting light on the curtains, giving them radiance and coziness. Above the living room and the dining room, the ceiling is raised and in its upper part it is covered with parquet, like the one from the floor. In the corridor the ceiling does not reach any wall, its hidden lighting gives an interesting atmosphere.

Master bedroom

In the bedroom the ceiling has hidden lighting, which continues over the windows, hiding the edges and giving radiance to the curtains. This continues over the bedroom, illuminating the accent wall behind the bed. The paneling with the same color as in the living room is present here to delicately hide the two wardrobes, as well as the door to the bathroom, giving a sophisticated and functional look to the bedroom.

dizain na vsekidnevna sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii
dizain na vsekidnevna sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii


The home office is solved with a built-in library and an integrated desk in it. Due to the small size of the room, the end shelves are made at an angle to lighten the atmosphere. The idea here is to use the office as a living room, so the sofa stretches out and turns into a comfortable bed.

Kid’s bedroom

At the request of the youngest member of the family, the children’s room is equipped with a bunk bed, under which there is enough space for games, there are enough cabinets, wardrobe and video games area. The bed has a structure attached to the floor, ceiling and wall. At the bottom is a cupboard for books, games, etc., and at the top is designed as an almost separate room with cabinets, open and illuminated shelves, even a table with a chest. At the rear, the bed structure appears as a decorative wall, distinguishing the door from the rest of the room. On the opposite wall there is a construction integrating a large and fully functional wardrobe, additional cabinets, shelves and a TV corner with video games. The furniture here repeats the raster of the paneling in the other rooms, but this time the wood has been replaced with multicolored MDF panels with a lacquered effect, their arrangement resembles a game of “Tetris”. An important aspect of the project is the chosen design to participate in each room, giving a unified, finished look to the apartment.

dizain na vsekidnevna sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii