Apartment in Primа Residence, Sofia

Luxurious interior design for a comfortable and stylish home.

Functional Layout

Located in a newly built luxury building, this three-bedroom apartment has become the dream home for our clients. In the spacious living room we separated a kitchen, a dining room and a sitting area, which at the same time combined by textures and balancing colors. For the master bedroom we chose soft, natural colors for more intimacy and calm. For the children’s bedrooms we took into account their favorite colors and hobbies and combined them into the overall design.

Size 135.5м2
Location Sofia
Година 2019

Living room, Kitchen and Dining room

We turned the main and largest space in the apartment into an open room, whose functional layout clearly outlines each area. The visible interaction between the light paneling and Emperor granite contrasts with the dark kitchen cabinets and the paneling that hides the wet room. Golden elements, combined with white marble, add the necessary note of luxury.

Дизайн на елегантна всекидневна, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София
Спалня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София, Тъмна спалня

Master bedroom

For the master bedroom we use light colors, harmonizing with the natural textures of white marble and wood, used in the decorative wall behind the bed, wardrobe and dressing table. The mirror paneling, hiding the door to the bathroom, naturally continues in paneling in soft beige, complementing the color scheme in the bedroom.

Girl’s bedroom

The color range used in this bedroom is unique and desired by our little client. The mirror elements, in combination with the light color we have chosen for the cabinet furniture, give more space to the room, and the soft upholstery in deep yellow is the necessary contrast, which perfectly completes the overall look of the bedroom.

жълта спаня с корона
dizain na detska sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii

Boy’s bedroom

In this bedroom the standout color is blue – as a big football fan, our little client wanted the interior to include the color of his favorite team – Barcelona. We transformed the football theme in an extravagant way by designing a suspended ceiling in the shape of a soccer ball. The wood texture and the warm gray color balance the bright colors.


Bathroom follow the same style, built in other rooms. The white marble and light cabinets are balanced by the color accent of the mosaic.

Баня, Камък, Мрамор, Дизайн на баня София, мозайка в банята