Apartment in Boyana, Sofia

Interior Design of an apartment in Boyana, on the top floor with specific architectural features.
Вътрешен Интериор, Дизайн, интериорно студио

Apartment in Boyana, Sofia

чертеж, Вътрешен дизайн на къщи, Архитектурен дизайн

Functional Layout

The living area has an open plan in the living room and dining area, elegantly separated by a glass door kitchen, as well as two bedrooms, bathroom and toilet. The main lines of the design follow the trends for furniture in geometric shapes, modern materials such as glass, metal, MDF and three-layer parquet, as well as stylish and fresh accents. This modern apartment impresses with its classic sophistication in a modern interpretation.

Size 142m2
Location Sofia
Year 2015

Sitting Room

The architecture of the apartments is interesting as it is on the top floor, an attic apartment with beveled ceilings, it requires a different approach to the space. We embraced the terrace to the living room, turning it into a stylish dining room, so we got a spacious living room with large window and an impressive view of Sofia. The roof repeats the distribution of the apartment and as it is situated on the top floor, we embraced the entire space above it, turning it into a beautiful terrace / garden. The approach to it is via a spiral staircase from the living room to the roof. In the actual living room, which we have transformed into the gray range, there is a soft sofa in a light tone, bringing a feeling of lightness and pleasant relaxation, complemented by a copper table and a lantern. The graphite tone of the wall is perfectly balanced with the overall space, and the elegant work and decorative pillows add style and accent to the muted shades. An interesting design solution is the hidden place for solitude. This part of the living area is separated by an ethanol fireplace and light-colored wood paneling, which together with the natural parquet give a feeling of coziness and warmth.

dizain na svetla dnevna, moderni i izchisteni formi
Вътрешен Интериор, Дизайн, интериорно студио

Dining Room

Visually separated, but in perfect symbiosis, the dining space and the resting place are combined. The designer table in the dining room is complemented by upholstered chairs in light tones, and the lighting fixtures – carefully selected and layered in the vertical, create a romantic atmosphere. The TV rotates around an axis that allows its use 360 degrees in both areas and adds a perfect finish to the living room.


The kitchen is closed by a glass door, preventing odors from going into the rest of the apartment, but at the same time not visually loading the atmosphere. The approach to it is through an entrance from the living room, with a particularly unpleasant beveled ceiling. We hid the bevel in elegant cabinets, some of them transformed into a small closet for storing pillows from the terrace. The kitchen is small, yet extremely functional and comfortable. To absorb the cabinets under the bevel, we made them deeper, thus their countertops end at a ceiling height of 180 cm. The fronts of the cabinets are made from the same panels as in the paneling and the worktop mimics a rusty metal.

дизайн на светла дневна, интериорно студио софия
Спалня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София, Тъмна спалня

Bedroom with Dressing Room

Earthy tones are present in the bedroom, and the contrast is made by the dark blue wall, accentuated by designer mirrors above the bedroom. It uses light upholstery, which delicately harmonizes with the natural parquet in the same color range.
In addition to the bedroom, we have a built-in wardrobe, the distribution of which provides a great opportunity to store personal belongings, clothes and shoes. Completely designed in light tones in the beige range, the space is separated by a place for hangers and has open shelves and cabinets for more convenience and functionality.


A strict note of modern look in a classic color combination of dark gray, where the emphasized presence of marble surfaces creates a unique atmosphere of luxury and refined style.

dizain na hubava banq, banq s tymni akcenti
Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София,

Apartment in Lozenec, Sofia

Functional Layout

This stylish apartment is located on 120 Sq.m. and impresses with modern furniture, clean lines and warm colors. It has a bright and spacious living room, merging with a dining room and a kitchen, as well as a bedroom, a beautiful children’s room, a bathroom and a toilet.

Size 120м2
Location Sofia
Year 2018

Living room, Kitchen, Dining room

The living room is with open layout and connected to the dining room and the kitchen, which is delicately separated by a glass door, flow into it. Comfortable upholstered furniture, a palpable presence of daylight and the combination of dark and light natural wood are just some of this modern charm. The neutral range in combination with light accents complement and bring unique elegance to the interior.
The dining room has a beautiful table with a natural wood top, around which are located six chairs in a modern look. We have created the kitchen in a classic style with a slight old-fashioned flavor, where the accent is the beautifully painted ornamentation on the floor. Designed in cream, practically equipped and with a beautiful view of the city.

Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София,
семпла спалня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София

Master bedroom

The bedroom is based on a clean design with a combination of neutral colors. Natural wood on the floor and some of the furniture emphasize this color scheme. A beautiful bedroom upholstered in beige, the exquisite ceiling and the carefully selected gentle accents turn this area into an extremely cozy room, creating a feeling of comfort and tranquility.

Kid’s bedroom

The children’s room is a real jewel. The color palette is a mixture of soft shades of pink, giving it a fabulous charm, and the brighter color accents of purple add variety, making it even more playful. In it we find a boutique chandelier, delicate wallpaper, richly decorated with butterfly ornaments covering most of the walls, charming children’s beds and a place to study. The large windows provide enough natural light and enhance its fabulous radiance.

розова детска стая, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София
семпла баня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София

Master bathroom

The bathroom brings a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and style. Observing the theme of the furniture is tinted in the same gentle and light shades of beige, combined with natural materials. A beautiful broken dressing table, an exquisite mosaic and a unique selection of details give this space elegance and charm.

interiorno studio sofiq, moderni i izchisteni formi, vytreshen dizain, retro

Apartment in Varna

Functional Layout

Located on 137sq.m. this apartment has a living room, kitchen, dining room, two children’s rooms, a master bedroom ,bathroom and a toilet. This stylish design includes straight lines, easily defined spaces and a combination of subtle colors and natural materials.

Size 137m2
Location Varna
Year 2016

Living room

This charming living rom creates a feeling of calm and comfort. The layout of the space is easily defined and the light colors and earthy tones bring additional warmth. Upholstered in brown, the sofa is one of the main features in the space that add emphasis. The introduction of light classic notes such as plaster cornices and beautiful ornaments soften the modern note.

interiorno studio sofiq, moderni i izchisteni formi, vytreshen dizain, retro
interiorno studio sofiq, moderni i izchisteni formi, vytreshen dizain, retro

Kitchen and Dining room

The kitchen in this apartment is U-shaped and tinted in light shades. The natural materials – wood and marble enhance its radiance, giving extra tenderness and coziness in this part of the home. The dining area is represented by upholstered chairs in shades of gray and a table made of natural wood dark color. The proximity to the windows made possible to enjoy your meal while you are enjoying the beautiful view of the city. An impressive detail here are the lighting fixtures, which add a playful presence in the space.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom follows the selected tone for the whole apartment, but with softer and gentler fabrics. A characteristic elegance and coziness to the atmosphere are given by the textile wall cladding behind the lavish bed, light carpet in a darker shade, spectacular chandeliers and beautiful furniture in a classic style. An interesting solution is the wardrobe, which is visually separated by a special chest of drawers with a seat.

interiorno studio sofiq, moderni i izchisteni formi, vytreshen dizain
interiorno studio sofiq, moderni i izchisteni formi, vytreshen dizain

Kids Bedroom

The children’s room is gentle and balanced, combining practical furniture and beautiful details. For the main color we have chosen rose ash, which creates an expressive contrast and recreates the feeling of a fairy-tale interior. We have a bed with a low comfortable mattress, shelves for books and toys, a wardrobe and a desk with a seat. An example of an elegant girl’s room, where the space is maximally utilized and provides the necessary comfort for each child.