House in Boyana, Sofia

The combination of carefully selected materials and balanced colors brings a unique harmony and modern look to this luxury house in Boyana, Sofia
Луксозна къща в Бояна

House in Boyana, Sofia

Functional Layout

The ground floor has been completely transformed into a garage, with a separate bathroom. On the second level we have located a living room, dining room, kitchen and toilet, and on the third floor there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a toilet. The combination of carefully selected materials and balanced colors brings a unique harmony and modern look to the home, where all components give a light futuristic touch to the entire interior.

Size 264m2
Location Sofia
Year 2021


A characteristic feature and priority in this home are the open type areas and spaciousness. The transition of the living room to the dining room and kitchen creates the feeling of a larger space, and their very arrangement allows natural light to enter everywhere. The large windows, elegantly covered with enchanting curtains, complete the home comfort. Modern upholstered furniture with decorative cushions, a designer table and a comfortable armchair add style and a sense of harmony and comfort to the living room environment.

обстановка на всекидневната
Кухня и трапезария

Kitchen and Dining room

The kitchen is simple, but extremely practical, with clean lines in the space and modernist furniture. Correct shapes create a visual sense of elegance and enhance sophisticated décor. The smooth surfaces, the lack of hardware, as well as the grease ceramic top in the dark gray range are a label for a modern look. The main highlight is the kitchen island in the middle of the room, which practically overflows into a large dining table with pendant lighting and comfortable armchairs.

Master Bedroom

Boldly combined color tonalities in the dark gray and beige range, in a combination of wood textures and mirror surfaces, highlighted with modernist touches, this bedroom impresses with its non-standard look. Textile lining of the bed, soft pastel carpet and chic curtains give characteristic elegance and coziness to the environment.

MOOD Interior Bedroom
гардеробно помещение

Walk-in Closet Area

French windows, revealing a wonderful panoramic view, but at the same time ensuring an inviolable privacy. An interesting detail is the separate wardrobe room, which predisposes to a greater sense of calm and mental comfort in the intimacy area.

Master Bathroom

Luxuriously furnished and spacious, this bathroom is entirely in natural colors, with a clean look and design. Interesting and impressive is the dedicated shower area, fully lined with a light-colored mosaic that perfectly harmonizes with the white marble in the rest of the room. For more convenience and comfort, a bench has been built, which emphasizes the modern look in the bathroom. A glass partition completes this area and flows into the neatly separated dressing table. A refined atmosphere, where every detail gives a special charm to the setting.

Луксозно обзаведена и просторна
Интериорен дизайн на стълбище


A perfectly constructed impressive three-storey house. The staircase features a fresh interior and multiple accents that emphasize the spaces and reinforce the elegance of the vision. The sconces located along the entire height of the staircase as well as the gray mirror details contribute to the spectacular look.


For the garage of this house, we opted for dark colors on the ceiling, strong and functional lighting, and a wall with rasterized gray mirrors for depth.

Дизайн на паркинг
Дизайн на елегантна дневна, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София

Apartment in Residential Park, Sofia

чертеж, Вътрешен дизайн на къщи, Архитектурен дизайн

Functional Layout

The apartment spreads over 140 square meters and includes a spacious living room with large kitchen and dining area, master bedroom with en suite bathroom, children’s bedroom, guest bedroom, another bathroom, toilet and laundry room.

Size 137.1m2
Location Sofia
Year 2021

Living room, Kitchen and Dining Room

The living room is open with a clear separation of the individual areas. The main color range is gray-brown, and the accents in yellow give freshness and balance the overall look of the room. Through the natural textures of wood and stone, we brought warmth and comfort.

Дизайн на елегантна всекидневна, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София, оранжев акцент
Спалня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София, Тъмна спалня

Master Bedroom

Following the concept from the living room, we move to the main bedroom, where the predominant dark colors have a calming effect and give a more intimate atmosphere.

Children’s Bedroom

The children’s bedroom stands out with a bright and fresh design – with harmonizing elements in pink and wood textures, which add the necessary warmth to the room.

Спалня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София
хоум офис, гостна

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom carries the spirit of the other rooms in the apartment. A queen-size bed is the practical solution for utilizing the space while not taking up more than the required space.

Master Bathroom

The bathroom is designed in completely natural colors and stone textures with rich graphic detail. To continue this homogeneity, we used a similar vision in the other bathroom and toilet.

Интериорен дизайн на луксозна баня, съчетание на тъмен и светъл мрамор
Вътрешен Интериор, Дизайн, интериорно студио, Модерна визия на интериор

Apartment in Primа Residence, Sofia

Functional Layout

Located in a newly built luxury building, this three-bedroom apartment has become the dream home for our clients. In the spacious living room we separated a kitchen, a dining room and a sitting area, which at the same time combined by textures and balancing colors. For the master bedroom we chose soft, natural colors for more intimacy and calm. For the children’s bedrooms we took into account their favorite colors and hobbies and combined them into the overall design.

Size 135.5м2
Location Sofia
Година 2019

Living room, Kitchen and Dining room

We turned the main and largest space in the apartment into an open room, whose functional layout clearly outlines each area. The visible interaction between the light paneling and Emperor granite contrasts with the dark kitchen cabinets and the paneling that hides the wet room. Golden elements, combined with white marble, add the necessary note of luxury.

Дизайн на елегантна всекидневна, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София
Спалня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София, Тъмна спалня

Master bedroom

For the master bedroom we use light colors, harmonizing with the natural textures of white marble and wood, used in the decorative wall behind the bed, wardrobe and dressing table. The mirror paneling, hiding the door to the bathroom, naturally continues in paneling in soft beige, complementing the color scheme in the bedroom.

Girl’s bedroom

The color range used in this bedroom is unique and desired by our little client. The mirror elements, in combination with the light color we have chosen for the cabinet furniture, give more space to the room, and the soft upholstery in deep yellow is the necessary contrast, which perfectly completes the overall look of the bedroom.

жълта спаня с корона
dizain na detska sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii

Boy’s bedroom

In this bedroom the standout color is blue – as a big football fan, our little client wanted the interior to include the color of his favorite team – Barcelona. We transformed the football theme in an extravagant way by designing a suspended ceiling in the shape of a soccer ball. The wood texture and the warm gray color balance the bright colors.


Bathroom follow the same style, built in other rooms. The white marble and light cabinets are balanced by the color accent of the mosaic.

Баня, Камък, Мрамор, Дизайн на баня София, мозайка в банята
Изчистен дизайн на апартамент, дървесен материал в дома

Apartment in Veliko Turnovo

чертеж на къщи, Вътрешен дизайн на къщи, Архитектурен дизайн

Functional Layout

Three-room apartment, located on 146 m² – with a living room, kitchen and dining room, two bedrooms, a wardrobe, a master bathroom and a guest bathroom. Presented spaces with a bold and unique identity, giving a feeling of harmony and tranquility.

Size 146m2
Location Veliko Turnovo
Year 2020

Living room and Dining room

The living room is a mix of simple shapes and textures, with modern accents. It integrates an open dining area by meeting the needs of family activities, but also allows flexible switching of functions. We chose delicate furnishings against a gentle palette of gray, earth tones and wood. A French window parallel to the dining table brings in outside sunlight, thus creating an expansive spatial effect.

Изчистен дизайн на апартамент, дървесен материал в дома, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София
Изчистен дизайн на апартамент, дървесен материал в дома, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София


In the kitchen, we showed creativity by building a wall with a non-standard shape, the shape of which also follows the kitchen island. The aim was to create a harmonious, seamless feel through the use of gentle curves and exquisitely balanced proportions and textures, combined with wood and granite.

Master bedroom

With a mixture of textures and colors, it is a beautiful décor with a contemporary and modern style. Different shades of gray are combined in the upholstery, carpet and curtains, and graphite shades stand out on the walls and furniture. To soften and warm the space, we have used the texture of the wood for the flooring and part of the cabinets. The bedroom also has an elegantly designed wardrobe corner.

Изчистен дизайн на апартамент, дървесен материал в дома, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София
вътрешен дизайн, лукс апартамент, София, интериорен дизайн

Teenager’s bedroom

A warm and inviting bedroom for a teenager. For it, we chose a color palette of gray shades, warm brown wood and distinctive blue walls. Full-height wall mirrors are located on both sides of the bed, and the desk is not only a nice addition to the overall geometric design, but also expands the function of the space.

Master bathroom

Elegance abounds in this charming bathroom, evoking a sense of luxury. The gray and white scheme, combined with a little wood tone, greenery and lighting create a unique atmosphere of intimacy and relaxation. Wooden accents add a flash of character to stark gray walls, with carefully designed modern lighting, while a white marble effect sets a finished high-end look.

вътрешен дизайн, лукс апартамент, София, интериорен дизайн

Walk-in closet

A wardrobe room where every detail is made with special attention to make the room comfortable, functional and elegant: everything meets the specific needs of the client. Well thought out and individually designed, this wardrobe is large, airy, well organized and laid out so that every item, every accessory and every garment can not only be conveniently placed, but also easily seen. Mirrors along the entire wall complete the picture by creating an endless play of reflections, expanding the space.

тъмен интериор, интериорен дизайн на къща, луксозна къща

House in Bankya

Functional Layout

Elegant interior design for a house in a Bankya, Bulgaria. The interior is dominated by natural materials.

Size 368м2
Location Bankya
Year 2016

Entrance Hall and Staircase

A round staircase made of technical stone winds on the three floors of this house, in its center the accent is formed here, which is a two-story garden with a water wall, lined with technical stone in a different color from the staircase. its raster participates in other accents of this interior.

тъмен интериор, интериорен дизайн на къща, луксозна къща
тъмен интериор, интериорен дизайн на къща, луксозна къща

Living Room with Kitchen and Dining area

The living room is divided into different parts which contribute to the coziness and atmosphere of the space. Kitchen, dining room, sofas with TV and library with fireplace, in the center of the room the ceiling is opened to the upstairs.

Master Bedroom

Paneling with hidden lighting behind the bedroom continues along the next wall to hide the door to the bathroom. A wardrobe with a built-in bio-ethanol fireplace appears more like a decorative panel on the wall, forming a relaxation area with two armchairs.

тъмен интериор, интериорен дизайн на къща, луксозна къща
Пентхаус в пловдив, лилав акцент в дневната, интериорно студио софия

Penthouse in Landmark, Plovdiv

чертеж на пентхаус, Вътрешен дизайн на къщи, Архитектурен дизайн

Functional Layout

Fresh and modern interior of an apartment located on 171 sq.m. on the top floor of a luxury building, impressive with non-standard layout and interesting solutions. This home has a living room, kitchen and dining room, three bedrooms, bathroom and toilet. Stylistically, the interior is designed in an unconventional and varied color, and an extravagant feature is entering it directly from the elevator.

Size 171м2
Location Plovdiv
Year 2015

Living room

Entering the apartment directly from the elevator, in front of us unfolds a spacious living room, inviting and full of light, combining kitchen and dining room. Upholstered furniture in gray color, beautiful oak parquet and large windows with heavy enchanting curtains are a great addition to home comfort. The main element is undoubtedly the beautiful fireplace, with a built-in TV above it, which are part of the charm of the living room, and the presence of dim lighting in the rooms perfectly accentuates the elegant and stylish interior.

Пентхаус в пловдив, лилав акцент в дневната, интериорно студио софия
Пентхаус в пловдив, лилав акцент в дневната, интериорно студио софия

Dining room

Zoning is an advantage of this stylish apartment. A remarkable part of the whole interior is the dining room, which is practically located between the kitchen and the living room. And here are two main details of the home – the definite black and wood. What is special here is the floor, wall and ceiling cladding – made of natural wood, which skillfully emphasizes the unusual nuance in the design. A table with a marble top, comfortable chairs in a purple accent and a playful chandelier are the elements of this concept.


The kitchen is attractive and modern, combining a combination of elegant shapes and modern vision. The production of the furniture is distinguished by a composition of wood, stone and smooth surfaces. Clean line of white polished natural stone top, mirrored glossy back, innovative elements and recessed lighting. The island is made of natural stone and combines both a work area and a dining area. And here the main element is the natural light, which enhances the spectacular vision of this unique contemporary design.

Пентхаус в пловдив, лилав акцент в дневната, интериорно студио софия