Cafe bar in Sofia, Centre

With a more luxurious atmosphere and a modern look, we created this industrial bar with a vintage flavor.
Винтидж заведение, Бар на Витоша, Архитектурен дизайн, ретро обзавеждане, ретро бар в софия

Cafe bar in Sofia, Centre

Functional Layout

We bring to your attention an unusual interior design of a Bar in downtown Sofia. The desire from the clients was the design to be eclectic, combining classical style with modern fraction to make this a favorite place for the people from the art community of the city. Besides a coffee bar, the space is also a gallery, piano bar with live music and a restaurant with a kitchen. The aim was to make the coziness in an attractive environment to create the feeling among clients for comfort and relaxation.

Size 100m2
Location Sofia
Year 2018

Piano zone

The premise is mentally divided into three zones; piano area at the entrance, a bar area and an area with sofas and tables in the long part. At the entrance our sight stopped on classical library integrated into it is a restored and modernized piano positioned in a niche between two walls finished with classic French wallpapers, the composition appears as part of an aristocratic house from the last century. Attached to it we have a modern exhibition niche with mirror back, backlit glass shelves and stainless steel frame, the aim is to emphasize the contrast between the two styles. In the bar we have a lowered ceiling, dividing it logically from the rest of the space.

Винтидж заведение, Бар на Витоша, Архитектурен дизайн, ретро обзавеждане, ретро бар в софия

Relax zone

Because industrial interior design relies so much on raw materials such as wood, metal, wrought steel, copper and aluminum pipes, we have compensated with natural textiles and lighting to break the harsh atmosphere. We used bold lines, cleverly arranged furniture and retro items to create this inspiring art setting. In the relaxation area we find exposed brickwork, which is an exceptional feature of the industrial style, combining beautifully with the elegant leather sofa and antiques. The upholstered armchair and cushions in yellow add an accent to the whole atmosphere, and the walls, decorated with paintings, bring an indescribable vintage spirit and deliver a different experience. The ceiling is made entirely of copper pipes and grilles in black, decorated with fresh flowers. An impressive part of this area is the built-in library with wooden shelves and unique decorative elements – deer’s head, various books and a black piano. A sustainable design with a unique aesthetic, where functionality and solid foundations become the focus.


The bar is a successful combination of innovative solutions in parallel with the advantages of the old layout. The idea was to create a soulful friendly bar that transports time and preserves the intimate atmosphere. The polished hardwood top and black bar stools with brown upholstery have something particularly elegant in them and bring a light weight. Under the tabletop we find gentle LED lighting, which creates an ethereal contrast and enhances the beauty of the atmosphere. Large graphite columns and black brick masonry for the background are an outstanding feature of the industrial style and are beautifully combined with the more sophisticated wooden elements.

Винтидж заведение, Бар на Витоша, Архитектурен дизайн, ретро обзавеждане, ретро бар в софия