House in Washington, USA

Вътрешен дизайн на къщи, Проектиране на Мебели, Архитектурен дизайн, Миноти, Minotti

House in Washington, USA

Functional Layout

High class and aesthetics radiate every inch of this house, located on 480m2. Each room is made up of carefully selected high-end elements, with plush upholstered furniture and designer lighting solutions. An exquisite palette of gray, black, beige and gold elements paints a smooth color story on the first floor, which extends from the entrance hall, living area and sleek design of the dining room and kitchen. On the second floor is the décor of two stunning bedrooms, three bathrooms and a children’s room.

Size 480m2
Location Washington DC
Year 2019


The open and airy luxury living room is an ensemble of design elements gathered in a soothing color palette with complete finesse. The modern design of the living room combines ergonomics and functionality of the furniture. In the center is a velvet sofa with decorative pillows to complement, accentuated by a comfortable dark wood side table. Behind it we find a shelving scheme containing an exhibition of favorite books and collections. Sparkling flames from the fireplace undoubtedly attract attention and create a visual contrast, emphasizing the infinite elegance and giving the room a feeling of peace and comfort in the house.

Вътрешен дизайн на къщи, Проектиране на Мебели, Архитектурен дизайн, Миноти, Minotti
Вътрешен дизайн на къщи, Проектиране на Мебели, Архитектурен дизайн


On the upper level of the Livingroom there is an elegant kitchen with a dining island. It is a beautiful combination of monochrome colors, with modern and high-tech interior. The flooring is changing here to mark the transition to the destination – the light wood chevrons give way to the exquisite and beautiful light granite tiles. Straight lines, clean shapes and shiny surfaces balanced by upholstered furniture form the chic image of this space.

Dining Room

A sleek corridor made of MDF in different shades of gray, stretches along the length of the kitchen and takes us to a specially designated dining area. In this modern dining room, every detail is carefully selected and combined perfectly. A designer chandelier, modern art painting and velvet upholstery perfectly complement the rest of the aesthetics. Featuring sleek surfaces, simple bodies and minimalist décor, this effortless room builds a luxurious and impressive contemporary style.

Вътрешен дизайн на къщи, Проектиране на Мебели, Архитектурен дизайн
Спалня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София

Master Bedroom

The magnificent interior of the bedroom combines comfort with excellent creativity. This intimate area is dominated by warm tones and a simple mix of modern furniture and fine details. Practically separated by its own dressing room and bathroom, this bedroom is just as sophisticated as it is attractive. MDF paneling in a delicate palette forms the basis of the scheme, and the built-in fireplace brings a unique feeling of privacy.

Children`s Bedroom

Creative look with individual design, designed for a teenage boy – a lover of music – this room is a reflection of his personality and inspiration in life. Transformed in the most productive and comfortable way possible – with a stylish bed in green upholstery, functional desk, creative shelving and decorative elements, the room is decorated in a great style, recreating an adventurous spirit and mood.

Детска спалня, Проектиране на Мебели, Интериорен дизайн, вътрешен дизайн
Хоум офис, интериорно проектиране, Вътрешен дизайн на къщи


The great design of this home office offers a significant opportunity to combine professional and intimate moments of life in a room that provides enough focus and thought. The modernist concept and beige color palette, saturating the design scheme, recreate the cozy atmosphere of this workspace. The elegant configuration of velvet upholstered furniture, practical desk and decorative elements bring character to the space and turn it into a stylish professional haven.

Дизайн на елегантна всекидневна, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София, оранжев акцент

Apartment in Maritsa Gardens, Plovdiv

Functional Layout

Two-bedroom apartment with open space, featuring a genuine personality and beautiful innovative solutions. Delicate shades of gray tones and creamy blend within the home. In contrast, there are elements of white, mirror and metal accents, geometric shapes and non-traditional decors, enhancing the vision of the premises as an essential modern touch. This home has a living room, dining room and kitchen, combined into one common space, two bedrooms, walk-in closet, two bathrooms and a storage room.

Квадратура 143м2
Локация София
Година 2014

Living room, Kitchen and Dining Room

Filled with innovative solutions, this living room embodies coziness and style with timeless beauty. Novelty ceiling plasterboard with geometric shapes and mirrors on it is the main focus on the ceiling, as a central element stands a designer table with dark gray glass and a chrome base.  The kitchen is practically merged with the living space and the dining room. A large kitchen island with a black granite top and designer chairs make a smooth transition to the dining room, where the furniture is designed in white beige and ensures stylish expression in the space.

Дизайн на елегантна всекидневна, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София, оранжев акцент
Спалня, Интериорно Студио, Интериорен Дизайн София, светла спалня

Master Bedroom with Walk-in Closet

The bedroom is tinted in soft and soft colors – gray and beige flow into the space. The area is maximally utilized through interesting and unconventional positioning of the furniture. Glossy surfaces, an elegant dressing table with an elegant white stool and boutique details complete the classy look of the room. Following the same style concept, we move to the dressing room, which is part of this area. Modern, but also very practical, it contains everything you need to facilitate and store personal belongings.

Mater Bathroom

Following the theme of the overall design, the bathroom is stylishly and glamorously furnished. The specially built-in cabinets with sinks, a large clean mirror, creating depth and visual effect, are centrally separated, and on both sides of it are neatly hidden the shower space and the intimate area. The combination of glass, dark gray mosaic, mirrored surfaces and designer lighting fixtures are highly influential and recreate a feeling of luxury and comfort in this chic apartment.

Баня, Камък, Мрамор, Дизайн на баня София
dizain na vsekidnevna sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii

Apartment in Plovdiv,Centre

чертеж, Вътрешен дизайн на къщи, Архитектурен дизайн

Functional Layout

The interior of this apartment in the hearth of Plovdiv, creates a fusion between clean shapes and eclectic design. In this modern home the main advantage is the skillfully used areas, free spaces and color palette. With a slightly extravagant design and luxury, each room has an individuality. Impressive are the natural materials, custom furniture, the right shapes and the space in the rooms, enhanced by natural light. A design that combines multi-style solutions, but also balanced so as to radiate style, comfort and beauty.

Size 181.6м2
Location Plovdiv
Year 2015

Living room

Designed in white and gray, with clean lines and additional elements of wood in the interior, this room attracts attention with its practicality and style. The elegant look is complemented by designer furniture, including gray upholstered armchairs with soft cushions and light-colored living room sofas. The presence of white is enhanced by the glossy surfaces of the furniture. The granite floor opens the area and allows the merging of natural light with the space. Attractive paintings, modern elements and crystal decorations give sophistication and unique style to the home and emphasize its modern look.

dizain na vsekidnevna sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii
dizain na vsekidnevna sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii

Kitchen and Dining room

The kitchen is tinted in light tones through glossy furniture, and the gray color is used for the back, which adds depth and reflects the space. A spectacular detail here is the special place for wine, which brings an innovative presence. The top is made of light natural wood and provides an excellent place for drinking and relaxation, and gentle LED lights contribute to a delicate atmosphere. A white table and designer chairs upholstered in dark gray were chosen for the dining room.

Master bedroom

The bedroom is large and spacious, created with an exceptional sense of aesthetics. It is a large room with natural parquet, high and suspended ceilings, large windows and plenty of natural light. The combination of  gray tones, glossy furniture, lavish bed and enchanting curtains provides the level of comfort in this intimate area, giving it measured luxury and strong impact.

dizain na vsekidnevna sofiq, moderni i izchisteni linii