Asen Vasilev

Asen Vasilev

I have been working with MOOD Design for about 6 years. About 30 of mine and my friends’ apartments have been designed by them. Many people think that design consists of someone drawing something and taking some money… For some designers it may be so, but here, thank God, it is not. This young team of professionals understands not only space, colors and light, they are extremely literate when it comes to plumbing, electrical installation, furniture and construction. Without this knowledge, it would be impossible to implement all these projects that you see in the photos. Some of which are of my apartments. From design, through the choice of materials, to turnkey implementation, this is a long and complex process, which if not controlled by professionals, failure is guaranteed. The pedantry and the attention to details are at such a level that it is unbelievable for our latitudes!

And now a little about business. What does working with MOOD lead to? If you add up the value of your home under construction, add to it their fee and the money for repairs and turnkey furniture you will receive the value of your investment. Add to this value once again the fee of MOOD and the money for repairs and turnkey furniture again and you will receive the SALE price of your property! It is not important that I say that, it is more important that it is said by the market and especially by the banks. Which are not very generous in their assessments. I’ve done it several times, so I know it very well.

And finally, although it is better for me that YOU DON`T work with MOOD, so that I have no competition :). I recommend you to make the right choice – MOOD is definitely worth it!

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