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A Good interior design is much more than a beautiful image, it directly affects our lives, feelings and senses! This doesn't mean you shouldn't check out our gallery.

Penthouse In Plovdiv, Landmark

Interior Design of an apartment on the last floor of a luxurious building at the end of the Rowing Channel in Plovdiv.

Apartment In Boyana, Sofia

Project for the interior of an apartment in Boyana. Build on the last floor it has interesting architecural features.

Apartment In Lozenec, Sofia

The assignment for this apartment was to design a stylish, authentic and cozy home interior.

Apartment In Plovdiv, Centre

The interior of this apartment in the hearth of Plovdiv, creates a fusion between clean shapes and eclectic design.

Apartment In Plovdiv, Maritza

Modern and clean shapes are the focal point of this interior design for the unification of two apartments in Plovdiv.

Apartment In G. Delchev, Sofia

Cosy, warm and stylish home interior design of an apartment in the Goce Delchev neighbourhood of Sofia.

Bar in the Centre of Sofia

Eclectic design, combining classical and modern interior, making the bar a favorite place the art community.

Office in ESTE, Sofia

A luxury, modern and clean interior design is required, one which will be up-to-date even after five years.

Living Room in Bulgaria

A project for a living room and kitchen, combining comfort and warmth in a modern interior design.

Bedroom Interior Design

Modern and luxurious interior that combines design with a hint of a presidential suite in a five star hotel.

Living Room Interior Design

The assignment by the client was a modern interior design which creates the feeling of a night club.

House Interior Design in Sofia

The assignment form the client was to create a modern and sleek design that combines comfort and functionality.

Apartment In Residential Park, Sofia

The selected style should participate in each room, giving one complete interior design of the apartment.

Living Room In Lozenec, Sofia

A cosy and comfortable living room space, which combines in itself a kitchen, dining area, TV area and a reading area.

Interior Design of a Boutique 

The assignment from the clients for this clothing store is to gain the feeling of a boutique showroom in the design of their stores.

Maisonette In Boyana, Sofia

We used warm colors like "Truffle", "Cappuccino" and "Wine" in harmony with materials like oak, textile and stone.

House in Belle Valley, Sofia

Interior Design for the entrance of a luxurious house in Belle Valley residential complex in Sofia.

Apartment In Lozenets, Sofia

Interior design of an apartment, which combines the luxury of the classic design with that of the modern style.

Interior Of A Cosy Bedroom

Warm and cosy Interior Design of bedroom, combining in itself modern clean shapes with warm colors and materials.

Office In Plovdiv

Interior Design of an office in Plovdiv. The Idea was to create a multifunctional modern and clean workspace.

How we create Interiors

What are the essential steps needed to create an interior design project, so that it will meet the client's expectations and will turn out the way it was designed. And how we work to achieve the best results.