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A Good interior design is much more than a beautiful image

Interior design directly affects our lives, feelings and senses! So we have to approach it responsibly and with a heart.

THE GOOD Interior design

Interior design examines different aspects of the space. We start with the functional layout, it is important for optimal utilization of the space and it is done according to individual customer needs. We consider in detail the interior ergonomics, both with the furniture and the interaction between them. We specify the desired style, colors, materials, furniture, lighting and more. We develop a three-dimensional, photo realistic model of the project, through which we can see clearly all decisions made. This allows us to be mobile, so that we can implement corrections before the real work has started, this allows us to achieve the proper interior design for the specific client.


Apartment In  Sofia

The selected style should participate in each room, giving one complete interior design of the apartment.

Living room in Bulgaria

A project for a living room and kitchen, combining comfort and warmth in a modern interior design.

Bar in the centre of Sofia

Eclectic design, combining classical and modern interior, making the bar a favorite place the art community.

Living Room Interior Design

The assignment by the client was a modern interior design which creates the feeling of a night club.


What are the essential steps needed to create an interior design project, so that it will meet the client's expectations and will turn out the way it was designed. And how we work to achieve the best results.