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Interior design of a Modern Living Room

The assignment by the client was a modern interior design which creates the feeling of a night club.

Interior Design Of a House With An Unusual Twist

The assignment by the client for this project was his house to be in a modern style which creates the feeling of a night club. The idea is to use "cold" materials such as metal, glass and stone, integrated with grayish accents and white lacquered panels with a glossy effect.

Interior Design of an Apartment in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

The center of the room is a paneling made of dark grey MDF panels with gloss, as if chaotically cut, they follow a complex grid of geometric shapes involved in the design of the house. Joints formed between the elements are backlit inside, grabbing the attention and arousing interest. Furthermore as an accent in the room, the paneling is intended to conceal the door and walls of the bathroom, it also logically separates the kitchen from the living room. Comfortable sofa with straight angular shapes and a number of mechanisms for added comfort, and a fireplace built into the wall, lined with stainless steel frame, contributing to the proper sense of the atmosphere in the living room.

Interior Design of an Apartment in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

The stairs to the second floor, are finished in technical stone with glass railing lit in its base and lined with stainless steel mirror effect underneath, it visually increases the space under the staircase. The monochromatic tonality of the living room is illuminated by bright paintings in contemporary art style, giving a contrast in a particular way with the overall interior design.

Interior Design of an Apartment in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

The kitchen is modern and with clean shapes, made out of white glossy MDF and worktops made of stainless steel with a mirror effect, positioned on a dark accent walls, it contrasts with the environment, but also creates a unique depth to the room. All cabinets are equipped with "Push" mechanism, which allows the opening with just a tap. The back of the kitchen at the worktop is designed with a lit glass panels and foil at its back which repeats the raster image from the paneling in the living room. A comfortable, freestanding kitchen island increases the total workspace of the kitchen and adds extra storage space. Exhibition cabinet, in which we integrated a TV, appears as an extension of the kitchen. The dining table is made of a metal frame and technical white stone resembling the one from the floor and the stairs. Interesting highlights are the raster slots in the ceiling, repeating the shapes from the paneling, they are solved into the suspended ceilings and are made from Barisol.

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