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Interior design of a Modern and Cozy Living Room

A project for a living room and kitchen, combining comfort and warmth in a modern interior design.

Interior design of a Modern and Cosy Living Room In Bulgaria

Introducing an interior design of a living room and kitchen, combining comfort and warmth in a modern interior design. The assignment was to create an impressive space which at the same time maintains a sense of family comfort. We used warm colors and materials in contrast to cold ones, to achieve a balance between the home comfort and the modern style. The room is divided into four areas - kitchen, dining area with fireplace and a lounge with soft seating at the TV.

Interior Design of a House in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

Build-in kitchen made with white lacquered MDF panels with friezes of oak veneer, placed on the lower and upper parts of the kitchen. The worktop is made of stainless steel with a back from white Lakobel. The refrigerator is built-in with an additional cabinet, which continues along the kitchen. All cabinets have "push" mechanisms allowing their opening by gently pressing, eliminating the need for visible handles. Along the kitchen we positioned paneling concealing the door to the hallway, which in part to the living room turns into a sleek cabinet with open and closed elements. Panels of white lacquered MDF and veneer oak, following the grid of the kitchen look as if they are a part of it. A kitchen island with integrated hob increases the workspace, finishing with a freestanding bar, it becomes the focus of the kitchen.

Interior Design of a Kitchen in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

Dining room, positioned opposite of the kitchen, consists of a table with wooden top and metal legs and chairs with soft textile backs. The fireplace is built-in, lined with natural stone from floor to ceiling, positioned in front of it are two comfortable armchairs with secondary table. TV in the lounge area is hooked on the wall at an angle by a wooden frame, allowing it to be viewed from all sides of the room.

Interior Design of a livingroom in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

Suspended ceiling with slots at the curtains and hidden lighting before the curtains cornices, giving them a nice glow and keeping a clean design. The colors of the walls are in neutral tones and the materials are repeated in the different areas, achieving the desired interior design.

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