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Interior design of a Boutique Store

The assignment from the clients for this clothing store is to gain the feeling of a boutique showroom in the design of their stores.

Interior design of a Boutique Shop

The assignment from the clients for this clothing store is to gain the feeling of a boutique showroom in the design of their stores to achieve a sense of a luxury clothing brand without investing a lot of money in the interior. We must achieve a clean and modern look, which through its design visually expands the space, but at the same time with an elegant way to fit and present all items that the brand offers.

Interior Design of a boutique in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

Symmetrically dividing the space and shifting all exhibition standers and shelves to the two long walls we absorb a relatively large space in the center of the store without having to reduce the exhibition area. The store has a warehouse, two fully functional and comfortable changing rooms, reception / cash desk, two exhibition walls with stands of approximately eight meters each with integrated in them shelves for shoes, bags and accessories with the same length. The space in the center is suitable for freestanding models and allows the addition of an extra stand.

Interior Design of store in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

The clothing stands are fully fixed to the wall with concealed steel structure without sides as if they are suspended in the air. The construction is hidden in a "case" of gypsum board in the upper it is lower part and solved with matt glass and hidden illumination in it. Thereby the clothes at the bottom are backlit from the top emphasizing them with light, while the accessories above are illuminated from below, giving them an interesting glow that makes each item stand out. Mirrors along the shelves give a depth of space, while contributing to the perception of its products. At the top above the shelf, the structure logically repeats continuing to the ceiling to create the impression as if the shelves and studs are cuts in the wall.

Interior Design of modern cloting shop in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

The shop is fully opened at the front, so the decision that all of the stressful details are pushed to the walls is the best for the site. At the end of the premises is the reception, which is imitating a mirror cube, made of panels with mirror effect. The wall behind it is completely clean, hosting only the logo of the brand in combination with the distribution of the space and its clean design the logo becomes the focus of the store and instantly grabs the attention of its visitors. Behind the wall at a slight angle, are located the two dressing rooms, enclosed with curtains hanging from the ceiling to the ground. The door to the storage is made of plasterboard with color as the one from the wall so it becomes completely invisible to the customers. Opposite one another there are two mirrored walls made from crystal glass, which introduced additional depth in the design.

Interior Design of shop in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

Designing the interior of a clothing store is not always an easy task, it requires not only beautiful appearance but also flair to what customers want from a specific brand. One thing is certain, a good interior design contributes a lot to the success of the company.

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