Interior Design of a Cafe-Bar in Sofia, Bulgaria

Interior design of a Bar In The Centre of Sofia

Eclectic design, combining classical and modern interior, making the bar a favorite place the art community.

Interior design of a cafe Bar In The Centre Of Sofia

We bring to your attention an unusual interior design of a Bar in downtown Sofia. The desire from the clients was the design to be eclectic, combining classical style with modern fraction to make this a favorite place for the people from the art community of the city. Besides a coffee bar, the space is also a gallery, piano bar with live music and a restaurant with a kitchen. The aim was to make the coziness in an attractive environment to create the feeling among clients for comfort and relaxation.

Interior Design of a Bar in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

The premise is mentally divided into three zones; piano area at the entrance, a bar area and an area with sofas and tables in the long part. At the entrance our sight stopped on classical library integrated into it is a restored and modernized piano positioned in a niche between two walls finished with classic French wallpapers, the composition appears as part of an aristocratic house from the last century. Attached to it we have a modern exhibition niche with mirror back, backlit glass shelves and stainless steel frame, the aim is to emphasize the contrast between the two styles. In the bar we have a lowered ceiling, dividing it logically from the rest of the space.

Interior Design of club, cafe, restaurant in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

Solved with frosted front, backlit glass and sections of stainless steel the bar stands out, the countertop is made of engineered stone and the upper fraction is illuminated by cubes recurring vision of front and following the shape of the bar. The ceiling in the Bar is fully open, with the exception of the bar, all air conditioning installations are visible, painted in black, they do not burden the situation, but at the same time give an industrial tint to the place.

Interior Design of piano bar in Bulgaria form Studio MOOD, Sofia

The toilet is painted in black as an accent here are the stone slab behind the toilet and the construction made of stone at the sink. Thus the gaze is stopped on the highlights, giving it a sophisticated and stylish look.


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